SAP Business One Integration Hub

Be a Successful Digital Company

More and more companies are using established business platforms and service providers to be successful.

When using web shops, CRM systems, logistics services, communication providers, or other following questions arise:

  • How to integrate these cloud systems into the business process of the company and ultimately into the ERP system, best highly automated?
  • What does it cost? how long does it take?

Here partners and customers always have the option either programming customer-specific or using existing third-party solutions.

This Add-on from SAP significantly expands SAP Business One by

  • Connecting cloud-based business applications and services to SAP Business One
  • Harmonizing technology across multiple systems, data consistency across applications
  • Delivering preconfigured integration template with mapping and configuration defaults
  • Guiding the user with very intuitive interfaces and wizards
  • Placing UI elements per scenario seamlessly into SAP Business One

Currently incuded preconfigured templates

  • Intercompany Solution

Why choose ANSI Information Systems Inc. for SAP?

While SAP Business One is an extremely powerful app, the SAP partner you choose to help you implement it for your business matters.  Like with any other custom solution, takes an intimate knowledge of both the application and the local market to be able to effectively use SAP Business One as your ERP system. And when it comes to SAP implementation, you won’t go wrong with ANSI.

ANSI Information Systems, Inc. is one of the earliest SAP Channel Partners for SAP Business One in the Philippines. It has been offering SAP ERP solutions in the country since 2006, giving ANSI over a decade of hard-earned experience in implementing SAP Business One in the Philippine retail, distribution, trading, food, and manufacturing sectors. Few, if any, other SAP partners in the Philippines can claim ANSI’s intimate knowledge of how to implement SAP Business One in those industries.

If you’re ready to make the move to SAP Business One and have it implemented by one of the most experienced teams in the business, contact us.

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