WinVQP POS for Retail (Retail Management System)

Whether your retail business is a supermarket, a pharmacy, a boutique or a convenience store, it’s essential that you look into investing in and installing a bonafide Point-of-Sale or POS system. Not only does having one speed up the way you and your staff handle and process transactions, it can also boost the growth of your business. This is through providing powerful and service-enriching benefits that you won’t get anywhere else.

What a PoS System Can Do For a Retail Business

  • It reduces long lines and waiting times for your customers. Nothing can put off a customer more than having to wait for their orders to be processed. As such, it’s in your best interest to ensure that this waiting period is as short as possible. A POS system can help in this regard, allowing for faster transaction processing that’s also more accurate and secure than doing it manually. This can easily improve your customer experience and make them choose you over your competitors.
  • It automatically keeps track of your inventory for you. Just as a modern POS system records every transaction made in your store, so too can it help you keep track of your inventory in real time. With its automated inventory management feature, a POS system will tell you when your most popular items are in danger of being out of stock. Some systems will even order new stock automatically for you when properly set up to. No more having to turn away customers because someone in the inventory team got their numbers wrong or forgot to double-check!
  • It keeps your cash flow highly visible and transparent. A key part of keeping a retail business going is to keep track of where your money is coming and going—specifically, your profits and losses in any given business day. Modern POS systems can do this easily as a part of their transaction-handling routines, allowing you to see your cash flow without having to resort to time-consuming paperwork management. Moreover, tedious yet important financial accounting factors such as receipts and tax charges are handled automatically.
  • It provides detailed and accurate real-time financial health reporting. As a POS system handles all transactions and financial movement within a retail business, it can easily be used to create a real-time snapshot of the business’ financial health quickly and easily. This snapshot reporting is crucial in determining the current financial health of the retail business, and allows the business owner to make the strategical decisions necessary to keep things afloat.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface. Today’s POS systems are designed for maximum ease of usage. This means that you won’t have to put your employees through an extensive and time-consuming training program in order to process transactions with the POS. Moreover, the fact that it’s so easy and intuitive to use means that errors due to employee confusion will be drastically minimized.


  • Loyalty and promotion

  • Forecasting and purchasing

  • Self Checkout systems

  • Integration to credit cards

  • Mobile

  • Electronic shelf tags

Get ANSI Information Systems, Inc. to Streamline Your Retail Business Operations with WinVQP POS 

Leverage the immense profit-boosting benefits that a retail-focused POS system can give upon your pharmacy, grocery, or boutique. Our main offering, WINVQP POS, is a PC-based multi-user retail management system that is designed not to just help you process transactions easier and faster, but also boost the growth of your company. It comes with these specific features:

  • Unparalleled customization. Its touch screen interface can be modified and edited at will, allowing you to place specific food items or groups for a more intuitive work screen.
  • Automated inventory tracking. All your products and their remaining stock is automatically accounted for and subtracted from with every purchase, making inventory updating as real-time as possible.
  • Strong sales analytics. It helps you form customer-specific strategies by monitoring customer buying/spending habits. Alongside this, WINQVPOS also keeps track of your cashiers’ accountability and productivity, ensuring that those that you’ve entrusted to handle your revenue stream remains honest and productive with their time.

Get in touch with us here at ANSI Information Systems, Inc. and we’ll ensure that you’re fixed up with the perfect POS for your business.

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