WINVQP POS System for Food

No matter if your food retail business is in the restaurant or the fast food sector, one area of service that you cannot make any compromises is the speed and efficiency that your customer’s orders are processed and input into your financial transaction records. Otherwise, even your regular customers may end up going to your competitors due to interminable waiting times and impossibly long queues.

This is where Point-of-Sales systems, or POS systems, come into play. With a POS system installed in your restaurant or fast food chain, orders and transactions are processed in a quick and orderly fashion, enabling you to serve more customers in a shorter span of time. What’s more, it also sports certain key benefits that will prove integral to the growth of your business.

The Benefits of a Point of Sale/Retail Management System for Food Businesses

  • Reduce queues and waiting times. All customers wanted their orders to be prioritized and processed quickly. A robust POS assists greatly with this by making each step of the transaction as fast and as hassle-free as possible, allowing for a true first-come, first-served experience.
  • Automated inventory management. Modern POS systems come with real-time inventory tracking and management features. This allows you to keep track of what produce and ingredients are still in-stock in your restaurant, all without the tedious and time-consuming effort that comes with doing it manually.
  • Transparent cash flow. A modern POS system can also help with keeping your business’ cash flow transparent and visible to you in real-time. As every transaction is secured and logged by the POS system, you can easily see where your money is coming and going, with your profits and losses automatically handled. Tedious yet important paperwork such as receipts, orders, and tax charges are also managed and archived automatically.
  • Detailed and accurate real-time reporting. Another key element in keeping a restaurant or fast food establishment running smoothly is to be able to extract and analyze a detailed financial health report at any time. As all transactions and cash flow are automatically handled by a POS, it can also output a detailed and accurate report of the establishment’s earnings on demand. This allows business owners to keep on the pulse of their establishment’s financial health and make adjustments to their strategy as necessary.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. POS systems are also designed for ease of use. This means that your employees won’t have to undergo intensive and time-consuming training just to operate the system and start processing orders. This high degree of intuitiveness also allows for a dramatic reduction of costly employee errors.

What it is: The WINVQP POS System for Food is an internationally certified PA-DSS secure, integrated complete point-of-sale, inventory control and cash office management system designed to be the most powerful, flexible, yet easy to use point-of-sale system. Every feature and function of the system was designed to provide the maximum amount of control over the system, while maintaining a simplicity that streamlines every phase of operation. Both back office and front-end applications were specifically developed to fit the needs and practices of the retail food market. Its user-friendly interface makes it suitable for the rapid demands of the market. It is suitable for quick service and fine dining establishments.

Feature-rich system:

  • Omni-channel

  • Able to connect kitchen printers, monitors, kiosks and digital menu boards

  • Sales analytics

  • Inventory

  • Forecasting and purchasing

  • Promotions and Loyalty

Stand-alone capability

When the server or the network is down, The WinVQP POS System can run on standalone mode such that it will continue processing each transaction without interruption. Offline transactions will automatically restored when the server/network is online.

Head-office consolidator

  • It allows the head office to generate several customized reports to monitor the sales performance of its branches or areas.
  • Can do updating of product, price, and recipe master files of the stores through the head office consolidator
  • It also allows analysis of sales by branch or by categories of branches (i.e. by area or by region).

SAP Business One Full Integration

WinVQP POS System is fully integrated with SAP Business One. There is no need for manual intervention. All data with relevant accounting entries will have its proper G/L entries automatically. This lessens manual work, costly mistakes and guarantees the security and integrity of their data.

Let ANSI Information Systems, Inc. Revolutionize Your Food Business with WinVQP POS

Take advantage of the huge benefits that a Food Business-focused POS can do for your restaurant or fast food outlet. Our main offering, the WINVQP Food POS System, is a PC-based multi-user retail management system that’s at the top of its class. It allows for unparalleled customization of its touch screen interface, letting you register specific food items and orders for a simplified checkout process.

Moreover, it automatically tracks your complete inventory—from food, drinks, and condiments to even raw materials and packaging elements.

Finally, it has strong sales analysis functions for monitoring customer buying patterns, as well as cashier accountability/productivity tracking. Combine all of these powerful features with a drive-through and party module, and you have a one-in-all solution that your business can’t go without.

Avail of this POS now by getting touch with us here at ANSI Information Systems, Inc. Your business and your employees will thank you.

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