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Wincor Nixdorf is a US-based multinational company that is renowned by its signature excellence in business-grade technology and electronics, specifically in Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals. While it achieved a high degree of success on its own, its fateful merger with Diebold Incorporated—another POS developer and manufacturer—cemented its place as a household name when it comes to business technology. As such, any POS terminal or system with the Wincor Nixdorf logo can be considered as top in its class, especially when it comes to reliability, functionality, and versatility.

Wincor PoS Solution Highlights

  • Powerful functionality. Wincor Nixdorf POS solutions are equipped with the latest features that makes all your business transactions faster, easier, and more secure. This efficiency and security boost is sure to help your business get to where it should be in terms of growth and success.
  • Attractive looks. Wincor Nix POS products are made to sport an elegant and modern look, with bezel-free screens, streamlined profiles, and slick aluminum finish. This attractive design is sure to complement your store’s looks and feel instead of detracting from it.
  • Quiet, reliable design. Wincor Nixdorf POS solutions are designed with a high degree of reliability and durability in mind. The BEETLE/iPOS solution, for example, is a fan-less unit with a sealed housing. This makes the unit operate in near total silence, while also preventing any dust or detritus from contaminating its interior. Furthermore, the tough aluminum casing also helps protect the unit from damage incurred from accidental knocks, drops, or other type of impact.
  • Splash-proof. Wincor Nixdorf expects its POS solutions to be used by industries and settings where accidental fluid splashes are commonplace. As such, the front and rear of their POS solutions are made to be splash-proof, sporting IP65 and IP31 level of splash protection respectively.
  • Beefy specs. Wincor Nixdorf POS solutions are built with leading-edge components in order to keep up with your retail business’s demands, even in peak season. These components include high-resolution multitouch capacitive screens, solid state disk (SSD) drives, and powerful processors.
  • Optional integrated devices. Wincor Nixdorf POS solutions also allow for integrated accessories that expand upon your terminal’s functionality. Choose from a magnetic card reader, a fingerprint reader, a customer display or even an iButton Dallas key reader.
  • Solid security. Your store’s transactions with your customers as well as your business’ finances will always be digitally secure, even in this age of rampant cybercrime. All Wincor Nixdorf POS systems are protected with ironclad security software and features designed to protect against the worst cyberattacks known today.

Let ANSI Information Systems Revitalize Your Business with WINCOR NIXDORF Solutions

Get the edge that your business needs to stay ahead of the pack and achieve the growth it deserves. Contact us now here at ANSI Information Systems, Inc. and we’ll set you up with the right Wincor Nixdorf POS solution that’s perfect for your business. With us and Wincor Nixdorf technology at your side, you can rest assured that your business is well-equipped to take on any challenge in the horizon.

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