Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Whether your retail business is a supermarket, a pharmacy, a boutique or a convenience store, it’s essential that you look into investing in and installing a bonafide Point-of-Sale or POS system. Not only does having one speed up the way you and your staff handle and process transactions, it can also boost the growth of your business. This is through providing powerful and service-enriching benefits that you won’t get anywhere else.

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Product Highlights

  • Sleek, slim design. Say goodbye to the typical bulky and unattractive POS offerings you see in every other retail POS manufacturer. Toshiba’s POS hardware is built and styled in such a way that they add to your store or establishment’s décor, rather than detract from it. With a sleek and slim design that echoes the look of premium consumer technologyToshiba’s POS solutions are guaranteed to enhance your customers’ in-store shopping experience.
  • Powerful specs. Toshiba’s POS solutions are designed to help make your business operations a lot more efficient. As such, these solutions are backed by powerful, beefy specs that you wouldn’t find out of place in high-end computing hardware. The Model 580, for example, sports Intel Core i5-3550S and 8GB memory—more than enough to handle any amount of transactions at blazing fast speeds.
  • Cutting-edge Infrared Touchscreen Technology. No more confusing keyboard layouts or puzzling button combinations as Toshiba’s POS solutions come with infrared touchscreen technology. This means that transactions can be processed in a true point-and-click style, while also allowing for a greater degree of button customization.
  • Green features. Want your business to be friendlier to the environment, or are you simply looking to keep overhead costs down? Toshiba’s Global Commerce Solutions are all designed to help save you a bundle with electricity costs while also being green. Its 80 Plus Gold Power Supply and Deep Sleep feature allow a reduction in energy usage, while its environmentally-friendly packaging shrinks down its carbon footprint by a healthy amount.
  • Advanced security features. Rest easy knowing that your cash flow is safe and secure being managed by Toshiba’s Global Commerce Solutions. With its robust and advanced security features, any outsider attack is barred from accessing and stealing from your finances.

Let ANSI Information Systems, Inc. Show You The Way With Toshiba Global Commercial Solutions

Now, more than ever before, consumers are looking for retailers that are distinct from all the rest. Businesses, retail or otherwise, must learn to adapt and find new ways where they can set themselves apart from their competitors. One concrete way of doing this is to invest in and install a quality POS solution that not only offers powerful features and functionality, but also the looks to match. In this case, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions should be perfect for you and your retail business, able to deliver not just a higher level of customer satisfaction but also a smarter shopping experience.

Contact us here at ANSI Information Systems and take advantage of the unique benefits of having a world-class POS system manage the financial side of your business.

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