Mobile Point-of-Sales System

The rise of mobile networks has expanded the way companies conduct their businesses nowadays. Being able to make transactions remotely is a huge advantage over companies that are still operating on a fixed POS or sales registry system. Mobile Point-of-Sales (POS) systems take full advantage of this technology by being able to use mobile devices to take care of all types of transactions.

How Does a Mobile POS System Work?

Setting up a mobile POS system is quite simple—any mobile device like a smartphone or tablet can be turned into a mobile POS interface by installing the required mobile app that runs with the system. A vendor that provides a mobile POS service typically includes a separate device that can act as a credit/debit card reader, which plugs neatly into a mobile device’s audio jack.

In some other cases, it’s also possible for a mobile POS software vendor to provide a hand-held docking station called a sled. This gives the device the added functionality of printing out receipts or reading barcodes.

The software that runs the mobile POS system can be quite versatile since it can be easily integrated to an already existing POS system. This software can also be made to stand on its own by linking itself directly to the business’s bank account.

Advantages of a Mobile Point-of-Sales System

More Versatile Transactions

A mobile POS allows transactions to be done remotely, making it easy for sales personnel to conduct business without being tied down to a particular station. Customers that might also want to pay using an e-wallet or contactless payments like Google Pay can be easily accommodated with a mobile POS system.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers greatly appreciate the ease that transactions are conducted thanks to the mobile nature of the system. Service times are also greatly reduced since customers don’t have to wait long to have their orders processed. These benefits make for a more pleasant customer experience compared to a traditional fixed POS system.

Ideal for Small, Mobile Businesses

Companies that prefer to conduct business on the go can make the most out of a mobile POS system. Businesses like food trucks, home restoration, and flea markets are ideal for this kind of system. Also, organizations that work around a limited space, like event organizers or sports venues, won’t feel restricted due to a mobile POS.

Cost Effective

Since business owners don’t have to invest in an expensive electronic register, general costs can be significantly lower than a traditional business setup. The technology behind mobile POS itself is also less expensive in terms of initial cost and monthly maintenance.

Limits Business Liability

All business transactions done via a mobile POS system is encrypted and minimizes any security risk when using it. Credit and debit card data is also not stored on the device itself but on the cloud, reassuring customers that their bank information is completely safe. The technology at work is in full compliance with privacy and security regulations like the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile POS System

Many retailers have slowly begun adopting mobile POS systems as their preferred mode of transacting. With the various advantages that this system brings, it’s no wonder why many vendors have started offering mobile POS to many business owners nowadays.

A recent study from the Juniper Research group shows a rising adoption rate of mobile POS devices. Within five years, the number of mobile POS transactions is estimated to increase by threefold and represent up to 24% of all POS transactions. This rising trend will drop the price of mobile POS devices as more businesses continue to use it.

Modern mobile POS systems have also begun to integrate biometrics to confirm customer identity during payments. Companies like Mastercard are already trying out this technology with existing mobile POS systems. This will end up enhancing transaction security even further once biometric technology becomes more main stream.

ANSI Offers High Quality Mobile POS Systems for Your Business

ANSI is the trusted name when it comes to Point-of-Sales devices and systems in the Philippines. We specialize in mobile POS systems and many other POS set ups. If your business needs a POS system installed to help boost your sales, then we’re here to help. For inquiries regarding our services, please visit our contact page for more details.

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