Eghl – From cash to cashless, Seamless.

The world has gone digital overnight.

In the new normal scenario, the customers gained fondness of securing their purchases using different e-commerce platforms (Online), with the preference of paying the transaction in the most convenient way possible, cashless.

Cashless payments may come in different forms. Customers may settle their payment online using their credit cards, online bank transfers, or e-wallets.

With this emerging trend, retailers, shop owners, and start-up e-commerce platforms gained a need for the right partner that will enable them to secure and capture that portion of the customers need.

Enter eGHL. eGHL is a Southeast Asia payment processor that is regulated by the Central Bank and is Certified by PCI DSS Level 1. We are equipped with the latest technology and security trends to provide extensive Payment Solutions for businesses to accept and process payments online seamlessly.

With features like:

Auto Recurring

Get paid on time with automated payment subscriptions.


Get paid in lump-sum while customers get the best payment plans available.

Batch Processing

Processing multiple transactions in large groups, or batches, simultaneously.


Online to Offline. Accept cash payment from thousands of counter points

Promo Code

Make them jump for the buy with promotional deals

Server To Server

Construct your own check-and-pay page while we empower your PCI

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