ANSI Self-Order Payment Kiosks

ANSI’s self-order kiosks deliver a quick and easy way to pay for your food and item purchases without enduring long queues at the counter. As more people are now finding alternative ways to pay for their purchases, kiosks like these serve as a customizable software solution for your store’s existing accounting system.


Our kiosks aim to improve your store’s revenues, create labor efficiencies, and reduce your overall transaction costs with these features:

  • Easy to use and simple to understand touch screen interface
  • Various payment modes available via cash, credit card, and debit card
  • Can be customized to cater to your individual store’s products and services
  • Secure customer details with every transaction
  • Electronic tracking and accounting of all transactions done through the kiosk, which can be then integrated with your existing accounting system

Why Use Self-Order Payment Kiosks?

Self-service kiosks enhance the customer experience through its ease of use and fast processing of orders. A store or a restaurant only has a limited amount of space for registers that can process payments. Self-order kiosks can be positioned strategically to maximize the physical space of any particular establishment.

In a survey conducted by ANSI, 49% of millennials would like to see more self-checkout kiosks available for food ordering and shopping. As the current generation is adapting very quickly to the digital age, payments systems like these should become the new norm in the food restaurant and retail industry.

ANSI Can Install Self-Order Payment Kiosks in Your Store at Your Convenience

ANSI is dedicated in modernizing your store through our self-order payment kiosks. We have already served several store across the countries and upgraded their systems with our self-service kiosks. If you’re interested in installing one in your establishment, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Just leave us a message on our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to discuss the details with you at length.

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